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Reception with coffee/tea and cakes

Take a bird of prey on your arm and train it yourself!

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Falconcrest Falconry Centre and Raptor Park is the largest bird of prey park in the Netherlands. Here the buzzards, eagles, falcons, owls and vultures rule. Take a closer look at these mighty birds and fly with them!

During a falconry workshop at Falconcrest you will really get to know the birds of prey. After an impressive bird of prey show, you can work with a bird yourself under the guidance of a falconer.

For young and old

The falconer tells you about the differences between the various birds of prey. Then the giant birds take their place on your arm and flies come and go on and off on demand. The training is suitable for young and old and can be given individually or in groups. Who knows, you might balance a heavy golden eagle on your wrist!

What to expect

The falconry workshop takes 3.5 hours. You will be welcomed with coffee, tea or soft drinks and a pastry. After the raptor show you will get an explanation about the materials that are used and get to know more than ten different birds of prey and owls. This is followed by predatory bird training. Handy: you can park in front of the door for free.

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