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Are you going on an adventure in Het Scheepvaartmuseum? Children and their (grand)parents experience a day full of exciting stories of tough sailors and sailors. Fire down the cannon and get on board at Michiel de Ruyter!

Cannons thunder and ferocious waves hit the ship. Welcome on board at Het Scheepvaartmuseum! The fun begins outside, because that's where the replica of the famous VOC ship 'Amsterdam' awaits. What's it like to sail such a big ship? And does that sleep well, a hammock like that?

To do at Het ScheepvaartmuseumThere

is something fun to do at Het Scheepvaartmuseum every day. For example, take part in fun activities and visit these exhibitions:

  • Visit the spectacular Virtual Reality time travel 'Dare to Discover - A VR Journey' It looks like you're walking around in the Golden Age yourself.

  • In Zie je in de Golden Century (See you in the Golden Age) special people from that time take you into their lives. Fun for children 10 years and older.

  • Is it a monster or an animal we have to protect? Learn all about whaling and how it made the whale an endangered species in The Story of the Whale.

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