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Visit the old craft houses of the Zaanse Schans

Logo of Zaans Museum en Zaanse Schans

Admire the world-famous green houses of the Zaanse Schans and experience the primeval Dutch life of the 18th and 19th centuries. Also visit the Zaans Museum and the Verkade Experience and learn all about the beautiful Zaan region.

Travel with the Zaanse Schans Card back to the colourful Holland of the iconic green houses, windmills, reclamation, Honig, Albert Heijn and Verkade! Take a look around a craft house of your choice and discover in the Zaans Museum how the oldest industrial area in Western Europe developed here, just a stone's throw from Amsterdam.

Getting started in the Zaans Museum

In the Zaans Museum there is a lot to see, but even more to do! Put on your work clothes and help out in the nostalgic chocolate and biscuit factory of the Verkade Experience. The original machines are still running here. Make your own chocolate wrapper and do the Verkade scavenger hunt. You can also have your picture taken in traditional costume at an old fisherman's cottage. And in the Coopery you can see how barrels and tubs used to be made.

What do you get with a Zaanse Schans Card?

With the Zaanse Schans Card you will get the most out of your visit to the Zaanse Schans. The Zaanse Schans Card gives you access to the craft houses, the Zaans Museum and biscuit and chocolate factory the Verkade Experience. In addition, you get a discount on a canal cruise with Windmill Cruises and you get a discount in participating shops and restaurants.

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