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Visit the Voerman Museum in picturesque Hattem

Logo of Voerman Stadsmuseum Hattem

In the Voerman Museum, in the heart of Hattem, you can see beautiful works of art by local art heroes. You will also learn more about the history of the beautiful Hanseatic city. For children there is an exciting voyage of discovery!

In the Voerman Museum, in the middle of beautiful Hattem, you can admire the beautiful clouds of Jan Voerman senior. He spent a large part of his life on the IJssel and recorded the impressive skies above the landscape. Jan Voerman junior, his son, was more of a retailer. He became known for the illustrations he drew for Verkade. Admire their works and art from other talents from the area at the Voerman Museum Hattem.

History of the Hanseatic city

Besides art, history and archaeology play an important role in the collection. For example, learn more about Herman Willem Daendels, who led the revolt against Willem V in Hattem in 1786 in his twenties. The museum itself is already a beautiful historical picture: it is located in two old mansions. View archaeological finds here and learn more about the Hattem of the past. For children there is a fun treasure hunt in the museum.

Fun: you can book a city walk via the Tourist Information Point Hattem. This way you can learn even more about the town during a guided tour.

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