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Enjoy an intense paintball adventure

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Step into the woods at Gladiator Sports and join your team in a ghost town, war zone or one of the other lifelike settings. Now it comes down to it! While the adrenaline rushes through your body, you work together to achieve victory.

Camouflage suit on, helmet on, visor down and your weapon in your hands. In good spirits you step into the forest, to find yourself in a real-life battlefield, in the middle of nature. For the next four hours you'll feel like a real soldier on a mission. You repeat in your head the clues and tips from the professional Gladiator Sports instructor and then the battle breaks loose! Together with your team you will of course go for victory. But you know, the same goes for your opponents

Four hours of fun

You don't have to worry about getting sidetracked for a long time when you're off. A game is played in sessions of about twenty minutes. Then it's time to relax, check your equipment and exchange stories about how it went. You'll be back in the next session. That's how the hours fly by. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail at Gladiator Sports to ensure a great experience. Whether you come with a group of six or two hundred people!

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