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Escape from Escape World - Amsterdam Waterlooplein

Logo of Escape World Waterlooplein

In Escape World - Amsterdam Waterlooplein worlds open up for you... Escape from a horror log cabin in the forest, board The Flying Dutchman, defy a deranged chocolate factory or go on an adventure in a witch school.

Have an unforgettable time with friends, colleagues or family at Escape World. Behind the doors of the canal house on Waterlooplein, various blood-curdling worlds lurk... Defy the live escape game with just the two of you or with a group. Will you be able to escape in 60 minutes?

Escaperooms Escape World

You have a choice of different rooms, each with its own story. Each room is full of exciting puzzles and cool special effects. One room is more difficult than the other, but for all rooms: working together is key.

Cabin in the Woods

You're lost in the woods and because of the bad weather you have to take shelter in a scary log cabin. But inexplicable things happen there... Fun: fight in two teams against each other

The Flying Dutchman

Step aboard the infamous Flying Dutchman, where cursed pirate souls have been roaming around for centuries. You have one hour to rob Captain Davy Jones!

The Chocolate Factory

You got caught stealing a legendary chocolate recipe! Will you manage to escape from the Amsterdam chocolate factory and still steal the secret recipe?

Midnight Magic

You sneak through the magic wand at night: the professor confiscated it... Will you survive this magical adventure without your cane? This room is full of special effects!

The Missing Bride

There's a bride gone! After a huge bang and a lot of smoke just before the yes-word, the bride is without trace. Can you find out where she's gone? (Please note: this escaperoom can be played with a maximum of 5 people)

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