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The Muiderslot: experience the Middle Ages in real life

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History comes to life at the Muiderslot! Explore the tower routes and the castle garden full of unusual flowers and plants. Imagine yourself in the Golden Age as you walk around the seventeenth-century furnished rooms.

From a distance you can see the stately towers of the castle and the imposing canals around it. The Muiderslot proudly stands out from the crowd. Discover the castle garden, explore the towers and admire all the rooms decorated in the 17th century style. Different routes take you through the mysterious castle, which is full of beautiful stories and exciting secrets.

Visit the best preserved medieval castle in the Netherlands

The Muiderslot was built in 1285 by order of Mr Floris V and can now be visited for about 125 years. It is the best preserved medieval castle in the Netherlands. Highlights are the historical routes, the atmospheric castle square, the beautiful castle gardens, the ramparts and the breathtaking view over the Vecht and the IJmeer. Adults dive into the history of the castle and children will feel like a day out with a noblewoman or knight.

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