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In Batavialand you will discover how the Netherlands has been fighting water for more than 7000 years, revived thanks to water and found prosperity through water. A fun, educational and interactive day out for the whole family!

Embark on an adventure in Batavialand! Batavialand has a shipyard (outside) and a museum (inside) full of fun activities for all ages. Dive into permanent and changing exhibitions in the history of the Netherlands, also known as the land of water, and admire the famous replica of the seventeenth-century VOC ship Batavia. The guide will be happy to tell you about all the adventures they experienced on board!

What is there to do in Batavialand?

Stand at the helm and discover everything about the IJsselkogge, dig up things from the past as an archaeologist and unravel secrets in the underwater world of Water People. Keeping a waterwork, shipyard or ship running requires a lot of manpower and craftsmanship. Do you have it in you? Test your skills as an artisan blacksmith or rope maker, or work as an engineer or hydraulic engineer and build your own polders and dikes.

Historical masterpieces

Dutch waters are full of history. Walk along the sixty-metre-long Flevowand and admire embroidered scenes telling the story of the former Zuiderzee. An absolute masterpiece in the exhibition Vanished ships in Batavialand is a 'fentjager', a shipwreck found during the reclamation of Flevoland. The wreckage collapsed on the Zuiderzee around 1710 and is therefore a special historical showpiece.

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