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Puzzle and find your way through the fortress

Logo of Fort Pannerden

Fort Pannerden was used long ago to control the Rhine and Waal. Nowadays you can explore it all day long! Face the Escape room Elements, go on an exciting puzzle expedition and discover stories of former residents.

Interactive programs

At Fort Pannerden you can have a great time all day long. The fortress, hidden under the earth, has no less than five floors. With one ticket you can participate in all kinds of interactive programs - you can make your own combination of what you want to do. For example, there is Expedition Pannerden, where you will search for the secret of Private Willem Derksen, who has hidden something in the fort. What, where and why, you have to find out for yourself!

Escape room Elements

Discover the dark corridors of the fort with the Escape room Elements. Some guards have disappeared and something mysterious is hanging in the air. What has happened and what is about to happen? With a box full of old instruments you go out to investigate. A lot of different people used to live on Fort Pannerden. Listen to their stories with the audio tour Luisterfort. In the exhibition WO1 you will learn everything about life in the Netherlands during the First World War. Don't miss the huge cannon that is in the spotlights during demonstrations with spectacular smoke, light and sound effects.

Tip: It can be cold in (the corridors of) Fort Pannerden. Warm clothing and sturdy shoes are recommended!

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