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Museon: dive into the story of our world

Logo of Museon Den Haag

The Museon is about our world. From the beautiful nature to the effect of technology on our lives. Do experiments, make puzzles and touch everything. You don't have to keep your hands to yourself in this museum!

Nice to sit anywhere

The nice thing about the Museon is that you can sit on almost anything and do a lot yourself. A series of assignments teaches you to keep the earth clean and healthy. Click away pollution in rivers, virtually cook a dish with insects and become the hero of the day!

Towards a sustainable world

The exhibition One Planet revolves around the seventeen sustainable objectives set by the United Nations in 2015. These objectives deal with solutions to major global problems, such as environmental pollution and poverty. The aim is to achieve them all by 2030. How do we all ensure that everyone has enough to eat? And how can you make a difference and make sure the earth doesn't become exhausted? You think about questions like that in the exhibition.

From the North Pole to the Romans

In addition to the large exhibition One Planet, there are a few smaller, permanent exhibitions. These are about different subjects, such as the Romans, prehistory, satellites, volcanoes and life at the North Pole. In addition, there is the NatGeo Focus Gallery, National Geography's permanent photo exhibition that shows beautiful new photos twice a year.

Tip: Museon's calendar is full of temporary activities and fun events!

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