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Discover all the hotspots in Delft with Happy Day Tours

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Johannes Vermeer, William of Orange, Delft Blue... Delft breathes history! Discover the pearl of Zuid-Holland with a city walk of Happy Day Tours. A guide will lead you past all the hotspots and tell you all about this beautiful city.

Ancient buildings, picturesque streets and lovely canals. The prosperity of the Golden Age still breathes in Delft! It is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in our country, full of historical highlights, cozy coffees and charming shops. With a tour accompanied by an enthusiastic guide, a day in Delft will be even more fun! Discover all the beautiful spots in Delft with a city walk of Happy Day Tours.

City walk Delft

Why is William of Orange buried in Delft? How is it possible that Delft was a VOC city when there is no port? And how is it that Johannes Vermeer died as a poor man and his work is now worth millions? Go out with an enthusiastic guide and find out! Discover what makes Delft so beautiful and interesting and admire the most beautiful hotspots in the city centre. The city walk always goes on and is available in Dutch and English.

Delft Blue

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