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Explore the charming Texel on a Solex!

Touring on Texel! Rent a Solex and go out together

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Rent a Solex and explore the island! A nostalgic trip over the island on a Solex is a beautiful and beautiful experience. On the way, islanders wave friendly at you while you tour Texel with flapping hair - without a helmet.

Fancy a day out to one of our most beautiful Wadden Islands? You explore the beautiful Texel in style on a Solex. Tour the beaches and dikes as the salty sea breeze blows through your hair. On a Solex, a moped, you don't have to wear a helmet.

Group outing on the SolexEnjoy

during a friend's day, family outing or team outing of the real island feeling: the ultimate relaxing over Texel tufting and occasionally stop somewhere for a walk on the beach, a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. A great experience! You can rent a Solex and plan your day yourself, or book an additional package so you don't have to think about your own day.

There is plenty to do on Texel:

  • Visit the seal sanctuary Ecomare, for example;
  • a small beer tasting at the Texel brewery or take a guided tour;
  • stop for lunch and a shop session on the way - the Solex has panniers, so you can put all your souvenirs in them.

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