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Take a dip in the Nederlands Watermuseum Arnhem

Logo of Nederlands Watermuseum Arnhem

Hidden in and under park Sonsbeek is a unique museum: the Nederlands Watermuseum. Here you will learn all about the use of water and the management of dikes in a playful way, using all kinds of experiments. A splashing day out!

How much water do you use per day? And will there still be water from the tap in fifty years' time? In the Nederlands Watermuseum, in and under park Sonsbeek in the heart of Arnhem, you can find the answers to these questions yourself. The Nederlands Watermuseum is full of experiments and is a real DIY museum!

Doing a lot yourself

Play with water, perform experiments and dare to play exciting games. Take a trip through the sewer to purify water or learn more about how it is possible that the Netherlands lies below sea level. Imagine yourself a scientist while making your own shampoo and dive into the laboratory.

In an old watermill

The Nederlands Watermuseum is housed in the old Beguinage Mill from the fifteenth century, where wheat was once ground with the power of water. A perfect place for a splashing day out where you learn everything about dike management, drinking water, groundwater and the use of water all over the world

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