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Explore the fairytale gardens of Castle Gardens Arcen

Logo of Kasteeltuinen Arcen

A park to love: Castle Gardens Arcen. Imagine yourself in faraway places in the themed gardens around the castle, walk among thousands of roses or discover the exhibitions in the castle. Special: play miniature golf between the waterfalls!

As every season has its charm, every garden in Castle Gardens Arcen has something unique. Explore the beautiful ornamental gardens around the seventeenth-century Kasteel Arcen near picturesque Arcen. The castle gardens include a Rosarium where thousands of roses bloom. Or imagine Asia, Italy and other distant places in the many world gardens. Everywhere you see something else beautiful! Also in the castle is much to admire. Visit exhibitions, explore the historically decorated floor full of furniture and paintings from the past or attend a pianola concert.

Rosarium: thousands of romantic roses

The romantic Rosarium, a lush world full of roses, is one of the highlights of Arcen Castle Gardens. In total there are eight thousand rose bushes, with one hundred and fifty different types of roses. A feast for the eyes - and for the nose, because those flowering roses smell wonderful! There are ten rose gardens, each with its own theme. In the Klimrozentuin there is a cosy teahouse, in the Namentuin roses named after celebrities bloom and in the Romantic Garden there is an extra romantic atmosphere.

Adventurous voyage of discovery through the greenery

Banana plants and olive trees grow in the subtropical greenhouse Casa Verde and in Lommerrijk you can seek shade under various tree species. In the various gardens of the world you will make a journey along all kinds of continents. Imagine yourself in Southeast Asia in the Oriental Water Garden and the Bamboo Forest and walk through Tuscany in the Italian Garden.

Fun for children

There is also plenty to do for children! Explore the park with a scavenger hunt, play miniature golf, stroke animals on the Aaiweide or feed koi fish. Fun: there is also a play beach with a migratory raft!

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