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Dive into the aquatic life at Aqua Zoo Leerdam

Logo of Aqua Zoo Leerdam

Travel all over the world and meet special aquatic animals! Meet rays, poison frogs and colourful corals, but also see seahorses and anemones. Children follow a fun treasure hunt along the water life

Discover all parts of the world; from the Red Sea to the Amazon and from West Africa to the Indian Ocean. Stroll along the more than forty aquariums and terrariums and discover the most extraordinary aquatic animals in the world. Ever seen a seahorse or an epaulette shark? At Aqua Zoo Leerdam, all kinds of beautiful fish swim around in over 40,000 litres of water.

Meet special sea creatures

New animals are coming in all the time! Young sharks are regularly born at Aqua Zoo Leerdam. The adult sharks lay eggs, which are then hung in the shark-baby-crab aquarium. When the little sharks hatch, they have to stay in the nursery aquarium for a while. Otherwise they will be eaten immediately by their parents

Rest with a view of the aquarium

Tired of all the walking? Sit down on the terrace and enjoy the view of the Amazon aquarium with fish and plants from the Amazon. At Aqua Zoo Leerdam you will find four hundred square metres of aquariums full of aquatic life!

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