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Discover the Netherlands at a bird's-eye view at THIS IS HOLLAND


Fly like a bird over the Netherlands. At THIS IS HOLLAND you spread your imaginary wings and see your Dutch glory from the air. The experience in this unique Flight Experience is lifelike!

Would you like to float on the wind? Looking at everything from above while you feel like you're flying? Make your dreams come true during this lifelike Flight Experience. You are attached with your hands and legs to a giant twenty-metre diameter dome formation screen. Because of the flowing movements your chair makes during the flight you literally spread your wings. Let the journey begin!

Float over tulip fields

You don't notice anything of the people around you as you float over the 'must sees' of the Low Countries. Sense the scent of fragrant flowers while the wind blows through your hair. Fly over tulip fields and enjoy the summer sun. Until the weather in our cold frog country suddenly changes and you end up in a storm.... Can you avoid the fierce waves and flying splashes?

Beautiful Netherlands in the spotlight

During the flying experience you will discover how much beauty the Netherlands has to offer. Typically Dutch nature, vast waters or special cities. Pass the enormous Delta Works, fly over a herd of grazing sheep on a purple heath and discover Rotterdam from above. The special effects, the beautiful images and thunderous music make this experience extra special.

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