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Cheers! Follow the Bavaria Brewery Tour

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Do you know how fresh hops smell and the flavours of roasted malt? After the Bavaria Brewery Tour, yes. During the tour you will learn how beer is brewed and of course you can taste it yourself. Cheers!

Process of the golden moisture

"Just do a beer" or "just do a beer", probably one of these sentences is familiar to you. But do you also know the difference between beer and lager? You will discover that during this tour! During the Bavaria Brewery Tour you will experience, with a tasting glass in your hand, what beer is and how it is brewed!

Women in orange dresses

Who doesn't know the Bavaria dresses from the 2014 World Cup? How does Bavaria always get in the news with high-profile actions? Behind it lies a whole history. Go back in time and become a member of the Swinkels family. Johannes Swinkels himself shows you how water and malt turn into beer. And the best part of the Bavaria Brewery Tour: you can taste it at every step!

Drinking beer in the Bavaria Brewery Café

The tour ends in the Bavaria Brewery Café, where you will receive a delicious freshly tapped beer. As a souvenir you get a souvenir to take home.

Tip: In the Bavaria Brewery Café you can also enjoy a coffee, lunch, dinner or meeting. There are different arrangements possible to fill your whole day with. For example, enjoy a high bear, make a trip on a Solex or challenge each other to the Bavaria CaféQuiz.

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