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Waterliniemuseum Fort near Vechten

Logo of Waterliniemuseum Fort bij Vechten

At the ancient Fort near Vechten you will discover how water protected us from the enemy. Let yourself be carried away in centuries-old stories and fly with a VR-glasses over the New Dutch Waterline.

The enemy is approaching... Fast, fill up the waterline! In the Waterliniemuseum you can learn everything about waterlinies, why they were constructed and how they worked. See how the gigantic model fills up with water and marvel at the Dutch defences of yesteryear. An enthusiastic guide will tell you all about it!

People from history take you on a journey through their experiences with the New Dutch Waterline. (Prince) Maurice talks about his brilliant idea in 1589 and a soldier shows you all the weaknesses of the line in 1794. Of course you can also explore the fort yourself.

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