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Dive into Zeeland sea adventures in the muZEEum

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Zeelanders are proud of their maritime roots. Small and big heroes lead over the Zeeland sea. Discover their adventures in Zeeland's maritime muZEEum and dive into Zeeland's rich maritime history with a free children's treasure hunt.

No Zeeland without the sea! The sea of Zeeland has produced beautiful stories and heroic adventures. From the VOC and Michiel de Ruyter to Napoleon: great names braved the waters of Zeeland. The muZEEum lists special events in the maritime history of Zeeland and shows what they have meant for the Netherlands. View an extensive collection about Michiel de Ruyter, paintings of Vlissingen in the past and special finds of the seabed.

Free treasure hunt for children

With a treasure hunt and all kinds of games, young and old visitors experience the past and present of the Zeeland sea for themselves. For example, accompany a modern ship safely to the port of Antwerp, discover Easter Island as a historical explorer or dive into beautiful treasures as a sea hero. The treasure hunt is free for children.

Admire the treasures of the sea

The muZEEum consists of several buildings, dating from four different centuries. A nice combination of the Vlissingen of then and now. See the remains of shipwrecks, follow in the footsteps of famous Vlissinger Michiel de Ruyter and admire one of the largest underwater archaeology collections in the Netherlands. Recommended: from the viewing tower of the museum you have a beautiful view over the Westerschelde.

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