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Ripley's cabinet of curiosities in Amsterdam

Logo of Ripley's Amsterdam Rariteitenkabinet

Robert Ripley travelled all over the world and encountered the craziest things along the way. See the world through Roberts eyes at Ripley's Believe It or Not on Dam Square. A museum full of wonderful people, strange animals and spectacular records.

The world is full of strange, beautiful and amazing things. There you will find out at Ripley's Amsterdam! Watch deformed skulls, take a picture with the longest man in the world and meet the seven meter high transformer 'Bumblebee'. In the museum you fall from one surprise to another!

Ripley's Believe It or NotBewonder

the finds Robert Ripley made all over the world. Ripley's fills four floors on Dam Square with bizarre objects and scary facts from dozens of countries. Stand face to face with the biggest anaconda ever, watch the craziest world records - like the toughest man on earth.

Traditional Dutch curiositiesIn

various places in the museum you can actively get to work or learn more through interactive screens. On the Dutch floor you compose your own songs on a keyboard, look at the world from a cheese and see an Amsterdam without dikes.

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