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The muZieum


Doing some shopping or going to town for a present seems very simple. But if you are blind or partially sighted, this is not so easy. Experience daily life in the dark under the guidance of a blind or partially sighted guide.

In a normal museum you look at objects, but in the muZIEum it's all about hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting. You can choose from three different experiences. Two of them take place in the muZION itself, in total darkness: the dark experiences

  • In the dark experience 'A day in the life of...' a guide will lead you around in the daily life of someone who is blind.

  • At 'On holiday with...' you will experience what it is like to go on holiday without a view.

After a brief introduction to how to use a tactile stick, the adventure begins. But where is the guide? You meet him or her in the dark!

Special city walkExpedition

ribbed route is the third experience and takes place outside. Accompanied by a visually impaired guide you will walk through the city centre of Nijmegen. But this is no ordinary city walk. Virtual reality glasses help you discover what it's like to be blind or partially sighted. You can ask the guide anything about his or her daily life. How to find your favourite shop in the city, for example?

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