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Experience so much more in Avifauna

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The most beautiful birds in the world can be found in Avifauna Bird Park. Take a walk through all continents and let nature surprise you. Admire exotic birds, dwarf monkeys and red pandas.

Experience one of the daily bird demonstrations, where birds catch their prey from the air. Wing to wing they fly side by side in their bright colours. A spectacular sight!

From the tropical jungle to the swamp

All kinds of climates in which different birds live are represented in Avifauna. In the tropical jungle, for example, you will only find birds that live in the Philippines. Pink flamingos and red and black ibis populate the Cuban brackish water swamp. Explore all areas and spot many different species of birds. Watch the pelicans scoop fish out of the water and the penguins trot towards the attendant for their meal!

Lemurs and lemurs

As well as birds, Avifauna is home to half-monkeys, such as ring-tailed lemurs and red-ruffed lemurs. In the Madagascar area they just swing above your head! In the Oriental garden, you will also find a couple of red pandas among the Chinese plants. On the cloud forest island of Nuboso you can spot animals from the South American cloud forest, such as wild guinea pigs, dwarf monkeys, crested serpents and nocturnal guinea pigs.

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