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Marine Museum

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In the Marine Museum you will discover how marines survive in war zones and how it is to work in the desert and jungle. Dive into history and marvel at the stories of the Marine Corps

The Wijnhaven in Rotterdam - where the Marine Museum is located - is an important place in the history of the Marine Corps. Here the marines fought against the German invasion in 1940. See old newspaper clippings, pictures of soldiers, uniforms and much more. Also discover how marines experienced the battle of Chatham and later missions to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Expedition Tracking nose 2.0

During Expedition Traurneus 2.0 you will investigate yourself as a combat tracker. Combat trackers are the detective of the Marine Corps. Are you going on an adventurous world trip through forest and jungle? Through the icy plains of Norway you'll end up in a mysterious track lab, where you'll learn to recognize all kinds of tracks.

Play the shooting game

Play the FIRE machine gun game in the Marine Museum and step behind a real machine gun on a moving boat. The task is to prevent pirates from hijacking a merchant ship. Help the marines, disarm the pirates and make sure the ship can sail safely. But beware, you must not hit the pirates themselves!

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