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Sing along in the Karaoke Party Room

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Are you ever singing along while vacuuming on 'I Want To Break Free'? And do you like music and humour? Then the Karaoke Party Room is for you. Drum up your friends or family and sing along to the top 500 karaoke songs.

Karaoke is for young and old and makes for a hilarious afternoon or evening. Is your favourite song not on the playlist? No problem! Upon request, thousands more songs can be downloaded for you.

How does it work?

While the music of a well-known song is being played, you can sing the lyrics yourself as a real singer(s) in a microphone. The voice of the original singer(s) is deleted. The text is projected so that you know exactly what and when to sing. Which of your friends sings the most false? There you will find out in the Karoake Party Room! A lot of fun guaranteed.

Fun for children's parties, bachelor parties, family and company parties!

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