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Klimbos Adventurous Easterloo

Logo of Klimbos Avontuurlijk Paasloo

Move on through the treetops while climbing and clambering through the obstacles. Klimbos Adventurous Easterloo is an exciting outing for beginners and advanced climbers, close to National Park Weerribben Wieden

The climbing forest has four courses with 51 different obstacles. From climbing ladders, nets, climbing walls, barrels, rope bridges and parrot beams to a cable car on which you can cruise 100 metres further

For novice climbers...

In the four courses you climb from tree to tree. You have the Klauterpad, the Ruerdompvlucht, Expeditie Weerribben and the Otterspoor. Are you a novice climber? Then the Otterspoor is for you! Climb into the tree and attack the obstacles to be able to climb to the next tree. Balance over the walkway and shave to the other side with the zipline

...and the real adventurers!

Expedition Weerribben is for the real adventurers. Battle poles, swinging beams, tree trunks, bridges and more. Also at the Klauterpad you will face the necessary challenges. During the climb you will encounter rolling barrels, a rotating bridge and a climbing wall. Are you already an experienced climber? Then go for the Bittern Flight. This is the hardest climbing route and you are guaranteed to get an adrenaline rush. Do you dare to jump the Wazzah, balance ropes and the longest zipline in the climbing forest?

An exciting and active day out!

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