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Skim over the water during a day of waterskiing in Weert!

Logo of Waterskibaan de IJzeren Man

There you go! Like a rocket over the water, pulled by a cable over the lake. Whether you are an experienced water skier or you are trying out the long boards for the first time, you will feel the adrenaline rush of the Waterskibaan de IJzeren Man!

Looking for an active day out? Then try your hand at a day of waterskiing or wakeboarding. Put on your wetsuit, helmet and go! But of course not before learning all the tricks of the trade from an experienced instructor. The cable above the water pulls you along, while you do everything you can to find the right balance and to cut the bends perfectly. Are you an experienced wakeboarder? Then jump over the ramps and 'gravel' over the obstacles in the lake. If you dare..

De IJzeren Man in Weert

At De IJzeren Man there's a laid-back atmosphere, where everyone feels at home. Young or old, it doesn't matter! When you arrive, you immediately see the beautiful lake at the edge of Weert. You immediately feel like getting out on the water. Friendly instructors will make sure you're completely at ease before you jump into the deep end with confidence. That's good, because the first time can be quite exciting.

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