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Gaming in virtual reality at VR Arcade Amsterdam!

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VR Arcade Amsterdam takes your gaming experience to the next level. You step into another world with virtual reality, while as a Marine you accomplish important missions or while you keep zombies away from you in a deserted village.

As a game lover, it is of course cool to be a real part of a video game. Not with a controller in your hands on the couch, but actually between the characters in the game. At VR Arcade Amsterdam you finally get that chance. Put on your VR glasses and backpack and complete exciting and tactically challenging missions together with your teammates. Are you a less experienced player? No problem. The game automatically adjusts to your level. Watch along with ingame images and check the score on the special team scoreboard for the competition element.

Choose from three worlds

At VR Arcade Amsterdam you have a choice of three different games, where you have nothing to complain about action. In the levels 'Overrun' and 'Overrun 2' you go on a zombie hunt in a deserted village, while you feel like a real marine during 'Strike Team Delta: Defenders of Earth'. Adrenaline to spare!

Bite and drink

VR gaming is great fun with a group, but even if you're just the two of you, you can go crazy at VR Arcade Amsterdam. The games are suitable for teams of two to five people. Thirsty of all the effort? A snack and drink is included in the price, so talk to your teammates with a cold beer or a glass of coke

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